Lorenzo Boone

Lorenzo "Lo" Boone

A Writing Warrior

I am a screenwriter/playwright and filmmaker who grew up in the same neighborhood where August Wilson spent his childhood, the Hill District, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I write about dramatic human conditions that I have witnessed. Many of the voices in my stories are those that I have heard in my travels throughout life, in places such as churches, barbershops and watering holes. Writing is an opportunity to tell the story of  African American people from our own perspective and reveal a uniqueness that resonates  with audiences.

I also write biopics and stories delving into history.  These stories recognize the unsung, people who have greatly contributed to the betterment of society and the world, yet are relatively unknown.  Additionally, I write stories about events that have changed the world, and the people who played instrumental roles in those events. These stories will instill pride in our ancestry and provide motivation for future success. Much of my story telling is a reflection of true stories that are nuanced and filled with hope that will inspire this pivotal generation who have been tasked with saving our grievously ailing society. Their powerful voices will be heard much like the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement have been.

I consider myself to be a writing warrior who uses reveals and insights to fight the injustices many people face daily. Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, James Baldwin, Richard Wright, and Alice Walker played an instrumental role in helping me to develop my voice. I strive, just as they did, to speak directly to the people in the African American community in a poetic, rhythmic way that the community feels and understands.

Overall, my goal is to write screenplays, stage plays and teleplays that will instill pride in our ancestry, motivate real change and provide insights that will deeply move an audience.